Robert Hughes and Robert Rauschenberg

Robert Hughes and Robert Rauschenberg. Photo by Gianfranco Gorgoni, 1976.

For students on my VAI/AICA Critical Journalism Masterclass these are links to articles, etc mentioned during session 1 along with some other food for thought/discussion…

There Are Fewer Than 10 Full-Time Art Critics in the US – GalleristNY

Robert Hughes on Robert Rauschenberg in The Guardian Jan 2006

Guggi on The Saturday Night Show

Jerry Saltz on The Death of the Gallery Show

Ann Landi’s article for – Split Decisions: When Critics Change Their Minds

Recommended reading from newspaper/mainstream media art critics:
Tom Lubbock’s Great Works
Peter Schjeldahl’s Let’s See
Robert Hughes’ Nothing If Not Critical
Sebastian Smee’s Frame by Frame (ebook)

“Turrell’s pantingly anticipated show” Ariella Budick in The Financial Times. Is this really a piece about the danger of reading wall text before you go in?

Discussion of Art Criticism in Ireland on the Shower of Kunst website

Paper Visual Art article by Adrian Duncan on compassion in art criticism

“Terrorists, we know, set out in advance to produce spectacular images.” Sebastian Smee on Boston bombing images. When art criticism intersects with news/politics/sociology/comment on current events…

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