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On the Border between Time and Loss

There’s a comfortable synchronicity between the work of Niamh O’Doherty, Victoria J Dean and Laura Smith, whose photographs, films and drawings hang in this three person show. All are concerned with issues of boundaries, limits and edges. O’Doherty focuses on horizon...

William Hunt – Playing the Goat

William Hunt makes the kind of art that divides viewers. Are his performances self-indulgent or revelatory? Does his work shift somewhere along the way from personal challenge to a form of self-harm? His wife raises these issues in A Moment’s Hesitation, a video piece...

Portraits by John Butler Yeats

John Butler Yeats’s 1901 portrait of his daughter Susan, pioneer of the Irish arts and crafts movement, is one of the great paintings in this mini showcase of the Irish artist’s work. She was apparently her father’s favourite model. Here, she leans in to the...



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