Deirdre McLoughlin, I Am Too (2015)

Deirdre McLoughlin, I Am Too (2015)

Having spotted a gap in the national holdings, Limerick School of Art and Design and The Hunt Museum have established an “all Ireland” contemporary Irish ceramics collection, set to grow annually. Six artists were invited to form the nucleus of the collection by contributing new works that are now on show at the museum in Limerick. The pieces are dispersed throughout the building with Jack Doherty’s Guardian Vessel in the decorative arts section and works by Francis Lambe, Deidre McLoughlin and Sara Flynn lined up behind glass just as you exit the premises.

Doherty’s large ceremonial bowl, with its patinated and worn edges fits companionably among the archaeological finds. The truncated elegance of Deirdre McLoughlin’s perfectly balanced one legged pot contrasts with Francis Lambe’s Convex Concave, an elongated egg form delicately tattooed with a myriad of tiny puncture holes that form circular patterns. As with the others, Sara Flynn’s cool, smooth, yet deliberately slightly awkward Vessel could do with some space to walk around it.

Henry Pim, whose recent work has taken the form of paper clay grids, and Claire Curneen, the only one of the six whose work is figurative, complete the half dozen. These are among the best of our current coterie of top ceramicists, some of whom have long been quietly reclaiming the medium for the world of fine art.

The Irish Contemporary Ceramics Collection (ICCC) is at The Hunt Museum, Limerick until 21 October 2016.

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